1 Week In Croatia

A couple of weeks ago I returned from an unforgettable trip to Croatia. Having never been before, I was blown away with just how beautiful Croatia actually is. We stayed in a little town near to Cavtat, situated just outside of Dubrovnik.

Whilst in Croatia, we hopped on the boat to explore Dubrovnik for the day, but I have a lot to say about Dubrovnik, so a separate post is coming soon! The water in Croatia was the most beautiful emerald colour. Pictures honestly do not do this place justice. Everywhere you look is just a beautiful photo opportunity.

Cavtat is just a typical Croatian town, with lots of restaurants and bars, however it isn't overly touristy like Dubrovnik, which I preferred. It's the perfect base for exploring Dubrovnik and the surrounding areas, but a whole lot more tranquil!

What amazed me about Croatia, is how you can be at the sea one minute, and in the middle of a forrest, a short drive later. We headed to the Ljuta river to have a little look around and there's a beautiful restaurant right by the river, overlooking a little waterfall. Stunning doesn't even come close.

Whilst in Croatia, one of the main places we wanted to go to was a place called Kupari, a resort in which all of the hotels had been abandoned. The resort was initially built for the Yugoslav army, however they have stood abandoned since the war. Walking through the hotels was one of the highlights of my trip. You really felt transported back in time. The original floor tiles were still in place, along with the original wallpaper. We explored a couple of the hotels and large villas floor by floor and it was a great experience. The villas even had secret underground tunnels, although I wasn't quite brave enough to venture inside!

Perhaps not a conventional holiday activity for some, but it was definitely something that I'm so glad I got to do as I have heard rumours that the hotels are going to be demolished soon, which I think is such a shame.

Croatia is definitely somewhere that I am keen to explore more. It's a gorgeous country, steeped in so much history, and if it's not on your bucket list, then it's definitely one to add!



  1. Beautiufl pictures. I hope I will visit these places one day.


  2. I love Croatia! I went last year and it was so magical. Those pebble beaches have spoilt beaches for me. I can't do sand anymore! Hahaha. I spent 4 days and we drove from Zagreb to Split to Dubrovnik. It is such a beautiful country, I'm hoping to go back this year to explore more islands



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