20 things I Learnt During The First Year of My Twenties

It's difficult to believe that a whole year has passed since I previously wrote one of these posts (see here). The past year has been filled with a whole lot of ups and downs! In the spirit of tradition, I want to talk about some life lessons I've learnt during the first year of my twenties. I hope this decade is filled with love, laugher, good times and friendship and hopefully these lessons will help me on my way to building a life that is sunshine and rainbows all year round! ♡

1. Exercise classes are not half as anxiety inducing as I imagined, however I'm not quite a gym gal just yet!

2. Settling in a relationship is never going to bring a happy ever after. Learning that I deserve to find happiness in a relationship, without feeling that I am compromising on my morals has been a big eye opener.

3. I can cook!!! Who knew a slow cooker would absolutely transform my life?! If you have any amazing slow cooker recipes, then send them my way!

4. Knowing my worth. My confidence in every aspect of my life, but especially in relationships has improved this year. This year has taught me that communication is key in relationships, and being scared of saying how you feel will always end badly. Understanding that I am able to voice my opinion, but also knowing when to walk away from a negative situation has been a long time coming.

5. Being a good person will get you everywhere. Sometimes it's so easy to harbour negative thoughts on a situation or person but learning to let go and move forward will always work out better.

6. I've learnt to never associate with anyone who doesn't hype me up and make me feel good. The people you have in your life should enhance it, not complicate it. Your friends should be your biggest cheerleaders. Shoutout to all of mine who have stuck by me throughout yet another crazy year. My love for you all is infinite.

7. Life doesn't revolve around the way you look. I have more to say on this topic in an upcoming post, so look out for that!

8. The NHS is something to be so thankful for. This is something that I've always known but since being diagnosed with IBD, I am so thankful for all the amazing nurses and doctors who have gone above and beyond to reassure me and make me smile when there has been little to smile about. We are so lucky to have such an amazing health care system who work tirelessly for us every single day.

9. Another health related lesson, but Instagram has been amazing at connecting me with other similar aged, amazing gals all going through the same thing. Illness has been a scary and often lonely road, but knowing that there is a whole community of lovely people who are only a DM away, has made this situation a whole lot easier.

10. Putting my trust into the universe has been a big comfort this year. If something is meant to be or happen, then I feel comfortable knowing that it will.

11. Talking, talking and yet more TALKING about mental health does wonders. It's ok not to be ok, and talking will always help, if only momentarily.

12. I absolutely bloody adore my blog. This space on the internet has been completely neglected, I admit. Now I feel like I've discovered exactly what I love to write about; chatty, lifestyle pieces and travel posts are my love. I bought my blog domain this year and had a complete rebrand. I'm so excited to see where this new path takes me.

13. University absolutely flies by, and I'm learning to embrace it a lil more. I know I'll miss it when I'm thrown into full-time work and especially miss living in a city as beautiful as York.

14. Everyone is travelling at their own pace. I've always put such a pressure on myself, and felt like I have to live my life to a certain timescale. Life isn't a race.

15. I've learnt to have no regrets. For a long time this year I really regretted the time and energy I gave to my dating life this year, but it's pointless to regret. I had some great memories with people I've dated this year, and although we may no longer communicate, why regret times when I was happy?

16. My mum is always right, and I know she will definitely remind me that I've said this when I fail to follow her advice for the fifty thousandth time! She is the most amazing advice giver, and although I've known this throughout my entire 20 years, it's definitely worth a mention in this post. I don't know how I would've dealt with half of the things thrown my way this year if it wasn't for her.

17. I've always had very high expectations of myself, but when it comes to uni this year, I have definitely learnt to cut myself some slack. Although it's always nice to be a high achiever, it's also important to remember that your grades do not define you.

18. Family time is THE BEST. I spent a week up in Scotland this year with limited Wifi and no 3G signal. We got out the Monopoly board and had a 3 hour game and it's memories like that I will always remember.

19. Grad job applications are SO TOUGH. If anyone reading this blog wants to employ me then hi, I'm here, please give me a job...

20. Reading books is such an amazing form of escapism and self care. I've tried pretty hard this year to get back into reading again because it's so good for the mind and soul.

And there we have it! Wow, that was a bit of a mammoth post wasn't it?! The first year of my twenties has been filled with so many highs, lows and everything in between. Here's hoping that 21 will calm down, and be a more stable year. God knows, I need it! Nicole x



  1. Wow sounds like you learned A LOT!! And in particular about speaking up in a relationship and having a voice. The early one learns this the better. Sad that women are still taught to not speak up and to do all the sacrificing.

    Allie of

    1. I definitely did! I think we become so used to keeping quiet, in fear of saying how we actually feel that it becomes almost ‘normal’. It’s only when you’re out of the situation that you understand that it definitely isn’t the way you should behave, and if you don’t feel like you’re with a person who you can be open and honest with, then you have to question whether that person is right for you! It’s been a hard lesson to learn, but one that is so important and very much needed! Thanks so much for commenting x

  2. That’s awesome that you’ve learnt so much early on and are sharing some wisdom here!



  3. So many tidbits of wisdom! Knowing your worth and not associating with people who hype you up is so important! Thanks for sharing!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  4. It's so good you have learned so much! And you will keep learning and gain confidence, I'm sure of that!
    Have a nice day :)




  5. It's so great to look back and reflect on all that you've learned in the past year! I just turned 20 earlier this week, so I absolutely loved reading this and related to so much of what you wrote about! Thanks for sharing! :)


    1. Thanks so much! I love to jot things down as the year goes by so that I can remember how much I learnt and grew as a person throughout the year! I hope your 20th year brings you lots of happiness and success! x

  6. Reading your list I have learned a lot of the same lessons throughout the years :)


    1. All very important lessons to learn in order to progress as a person! Thanks so much for commenting x


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