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Now, I know this may seem an odd choice of topic but please hear me out. I recently worked as a Poll Clerk on the local election and my experiences have prompted me to write this post. I worked in an area where over 1,000 people could have come and used their vote to have their say and yet only 300 people turned up. These statistics baffled me. As a 17 year old, I find it shocking that people, who are able to vote, do not utilise it.

The general consensus when people were coming in to vote is that they just felt completely un-educated on not only the voting process but also on the election candidate to vote for, and I feel as though this is probably the reason why so many people in my area just didn’t use their vote. Going in to vote takes 5 minutes out of your day and is a super easy process.

With the EU referendum looming, I know that you will probably be receiving so many leaflets through your door and I just want to urge you to read them, educate yourself and make a decision. Being only 17, I am still unable to vote, yet I just want to urge you guys on the importance of having a voice. Whether we stay in or out of Europe is a huge decision and one that you SHOULD have a say in.

Click here to register to vote. Have YOUR say.

Thanks for reading; this was definitely a different type of post but one I felt I ought to write.
Nicole x



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