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As you may know if you keep up to date with my blog/instagram, a couple of weeks ago I returned from the most incredible holiday in New York. I thought I would share with you some tips and tricks if you are planning a trip there anytime soon (which btw, you totally should!).

1. Do a bus tour!!!
I cannot re-iterate this point enough. Before going I was so dubious about bus tours as I had read very mixed reviews but the 2 that I did whilst there were some of the highlights of my trip and definitely worth the money.

2. Take the subway
I know the subway seems like a scary prospect but it's deffo easy to navigate, especially if you use the 'maps' section on your phone as it tells you the exact train you need to catch. We bought an unlimited subway pass for a week which only cost us $33 and it was soooo much cheaper than getting taxis/ubers around the city. 

3. Go up the Empire State Building & get there early.
It may be pricey but the views you see are second-to-none. We got there around 10:30am and didn't have to queue at all. When we left at around 12/12:30pm a large queue had formed so it's definitely worth heading there early to avoid those pesky queues.

4. Don't pre-book things
Contrary to popular belief, it is sooo much easier/quicker if you do not pre-book things such as your bus tour and Statue of Liberty tickets. We headed down to Battery Park for 9:30am and the queue for pre-booked tickets vs the queue to buy on the day was SO much bigger. Also with the bus tour, there are people selling bus tour tickets everywhere around Times Square so they are so easy to obtain and often they will knock you money off as we managed to save $18. 

5. Whispering walls
If you go to Grand Central Station then head down towards the food court and the Oyster Bar. There is an arch next to the bar and if you stand in one corner facing the wall, and someone else stands in the opposite corner you can hear them speaking through the wall. You may seem totally crazy talking to the wall but it seriously feels like magic being able to hear the other person despite being in opposite ends of the room. 

6. Easy eats
You may not always want to sit down for a big dinner which is why we opted to have a couple of meals at a place called Barilla. You order at the counter and they bring your food to your table. FYI the place is an Italian and the pizza is pretty damn yummy. Eating here was actually cheaper than eating at Five Guys which was great especially considering that the setting and ambience there was also v nice.

7. Power walk to avoid custom queues
This may seem like a bit of an obvious one but apparently customs queues at JFK airport are terrible. When we got off the plane we walked SO fast past everyone else so that we were first to get to the customs desk. You'll honestly be grateful for the extra exercise when you arrive in New York 10x quicker than those who have to face the queues.

8. Gift shop prices vary SO much
I wanted to buy an NYPD hoodie and yet a lot of gift shops were selling it for $60. Being the bargain hunter that I am, we shopped around and found the cheapest gift shop to be the one in Times Square. The shop had 3 stories (!!!) of souvenirs and I purchased my hoodie for $30. The prices in the Times Square gift shop were so much more reasonable than the others we went in so I would deffo recommend it for any souvenirs you want to buy.

9. Central Park is worth the visit
I think often when people visit New York, they often skip central park in favour of visiting the other sights. There is so much to see/do there that missing out on visiting would be a big loss to any trip.

If you are planning a trip to NYC anytime soon then let me know the details! I hope these tips were helpful!

xoxo Gossip Girl
( I just had to get one last NY reference in this post!) 



  1. that pre-booking tip is really interesting, definitely something to take on board. Thanks for sharing, bookmarking this post for future reference :)

  2. ah im going to new york for the first time next month and i simply couldnt be more excited! ive never even been to america before so i'm buzzing :)

    so many people have told me to do a bus tour so im definitely gonna do that, tours ive done before in other cities where incredible and you learn so much about the city, right?!

    katie. xx


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