New York City

This week I returned from the concrete jungle that is New York City. I can’t believe that I am even typing this, as NYC has always been up there on my ultimate DREAM destination list. The whole trip was very spontaneous and thrown together extremely last minute. I travelled there with my brother to celebrate his graduation (yippee!!) and we departed Manchester last week for 5 glorious days in the USA. Just a pre-warning, this post is going to be a looooong one so you might want to grab yourself a cuppa!

We jetted off from Manchester and had breakfast in the Escape Lounge which was such a luxury for us. This of course meant copious amounts of pasties and orange juice… ah, delicious!! Our flight to JFK was so smooth and definitely one of the best flights I’ve ever been on. Upon arriving at JFK we bumped into a group of people who happened to be staying at our hotel and who let us share their mini-bus… talk about a stroke of luck!!

We stayed at the Holiday Inn in the Financial District which I wholeheartedly could not recommend enough. Our room was huge, had AMAZING views over NYC, (we could even see the H&M in Times Square from our window), and the staff were super friendly. What more could you ask for?! We were a 2 minutes walk from the 9/11 museum and reflective pools and also 1 minute away from the subway which we frequented to get around New York.

We spent our first day strolling through Times Square, stopping for raspberry lemonade and watching the yoga in Bryant Park. We then sat by some fountains near the Rockefeller and did a spot of people watching before heading to see The 1975 at Madison Square Garden which was quite an experience!
Our second day was very non-stop as we grabbed breakfast on the go from Dunkin Donuts before walking around the financial district towards Wall Street, the infamous Charging Bull and the NY Stock Exchange. We then hopped on the subway to the Empire State and experienced the incredible views. Honestly if you’re going to do anything in New York then it has to be this! After that we headed to Macy’s. You can’t go to NY and not go in the biggest department store in the world… well that’s how I was justifying it!

We then walked to Times Square and went to Five Guys for lunch where I experienced the largest number of chips in the bottom of the bag that I have EVER seen; we’re talking a quarter of the bag just filled with chips… insane! After filling ourselves up on American junk food, we then went on the uptown bus tour which was pretty incredible. However the heavens opened half way through and the rain came crashing down (typical!), but it was all pretty hilarious. We then visited Grand Central Station which has the most incredible train station roof, and then strolled up 5th Avenue.

Day three was spent visiting central park. Strawberry fields is a must if you’re a Beatles fan like myself and there is so much to do/see in central park that it made it one of the highlights of my trip. We also visited the Yankee Stadium to see New York City FC play and then headed back to central park to relax and sunbathe. We also did the downtown bus tour which was really cool.
On Day four we headed to Battery Park to catch the boat over to Liberty Island and also Ellis Island. Both of these were great experiences and so surreal actually being there. After that we walked along 5th Avenue and did some shopping as I had somehow restrained myself from the shops until then! We then headed to one of our favourite eateries in New York called Barilla which is an Italian near the Rockefeller (although I’m sure they have them elsewhere in Manhattan) and then headed back to Times Square.

On Day five we opted to try an American Diner near our hotel called George’s which I 10/10 recommend. We both ordered pancakes and they definitely didn’t disappoint. After that we headed to see the 9/11 reflective pools. It really hit home what a harrowing event took place there and it was extremely moving to see. We then headed across the road to the Westfield shopping centre and had a browse of the shops, before making our way to the airport.

New York was such an incredible experience and one that I feel so lucky to have been able to experience. The memories I made will truly last a lifetime.
Thank you NYC. <3



  1. Amazing photos and sounds like you had such a great time. I went 2 years ago and it's such a busy and jam packed holiday but it's just the most amazing city!!xx

    Lucy |

  2. I've always wanted to go to NYC! Amazing pictures, need to tick it off my list for sure!
    Amy xx

  3. Beautiful pictures, sounds like a great trip!
    Have a lovely day :)
    Rosanna x
    Rose's Rooftop

  4. The Flat Iron building is one of my all time favourites, I miss New York so much. Gorgeous photos! Thank you for sharing x

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin


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