Paris In Pictures | Disneyland & Sightseeing

I thought I’d share some of my snaps on here from my recent trip to Paris. My boyfriend and I rented a cute lil apartment in Paris to live like true Parisians and we even frequented the metro which was an experience on its own…
We spent our first full day at Disneyland Paris which is just the place of dreams. I am a total Disney lover and having been to Disneyland a couple of time in the past it was the one thing I knew would deliver. We had a totally magical day and it’s somewhere I want to visit again and again (it really it that amazing).

The next couple of days were spent sightseeing and exploring Paris. The architecture there is so insane and completely breathtaking. Like true tourists we went to the top of the Eiffel tower, visited the huge Sephora on the Champs Elysees (pretty sure my boyfriend loved it) and we also went on a sightseeing river cruise along the Seine. The cruise allowed us to truly appreciate the beauty of Paris as we passed the gorgeous Notre-Dame which is totally instagram worthy through and through.

Our final day was spent admiring the Arc de Triomphe and eating ridiculously yummy pizza and crepes before heading back to the airport. City breaks abroad are so enjoyable and something I definitely want to do again.

I hope you enjoyed this!
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