Products That Saved My Skin

The title of this post is a big claim I know, but it's one which is certainly true. I admit, I'm a little bit of a brand snob so I didn't have particularly high hopes for these products. I have extremely sensitive skin, and after trying so many different face washes I was close to giving up until the woman in Boots suggested I try these.

Over the past year my skin has got increasingly worse. At high school, I never got spots however I think my teenage spot years are unfortunately upon me. I use the face wash every morning and night and I then apply the spot wand. I'm now on my third repurchase of both these products, I love them that much.

Witch hazel is an acne fighter and tea tree is known for it's great healing powers. Combined together these leave my skin feeling refreshed and my acne has calmed down a lot.

If you're after some gentle products to use of your skin then I could not recommend these enough. You can purchase them from boots here. For £7.18 for both, you can't really go wrong.

Thanks for reading!
Nicole x



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